David had The Three. He had The Thirty.

Men of great courage. Men of great loyalty – to God and to David personally. Men who were not afraid and who did not back down in the face of great adversity. Men who were used by God – and inspired by David – to undertake great exploits and achieve great things. Men who were willing to face overwhelming odds and impossible situations. Leaders in their own right – who subjugated their own sense of pride and ego for the cause of the king – and The King.

Everybody needs some guys like that in their lives. Guys who have your back. Guys who use whatever they have to win great victories. Guys who’ll stand in the lentil field – alone, if necessary – until the enemy is vanquished. Guys who’ll wield their sword until they can’t lift it – and win the battle. Guys who’ll charge through enemy strongholds to bring back a drink of water.

I wonder if I could ever inspire such a group of men. I’m wondering today if I’m really supposed be one of such a group of men. One of “The Guys,” and not “The Man”…