Unwinding tonight from the new machine! Pretty good, I guess. I wasn’t planning to buy a new desktop computer for a while, but somehow the lightning took care of that notion on Friday evening! My old Dell Dimension 4600 had been rocking along just fine, thank you.

We finished up our Vacation Bible School Friday evening, adn I came home to put together some thank-you notes, etc. I debated whether or not I should turn the computer on with the thunder and lightning we had in our area.

Anyway, the lightning struck something close by. It sounded really cool, but took out a couple of smoke detectors, our cable modem, and the motherboard on the old computer.

Of course, we are totally dependent on these things to run our lives these days, so I had to run out and get something to make up for the fried one.

Nobody local could make the repairs on such short notice, adn one guy told me he didn’t think it would be worth it to replace the motherboard without replacing virtually everything else. I didn’t have time to place an order, and wait. So the best I could do under the circumstances was the Dell Inspiron 530. I’m not real crazy about Vista Home Premium, but the 640gig hard drive and the 22″ monitor are pretty sweet! As soon as I get my data back from the old one, I’ll be good to go!