My old low-top Chuck Taylors are finally looking too ratty for the lovely and gracious “Mrs. Charphar” to tolerate going out in public with me, so I’ve been in the market for some new sneakers. I loved the Adidas Stan Smith models when I was in high school – many moons ago. (One of the coolest guys I knew had some!)

Anyway, I had narrowed it down to some more Converses – the Jack Purcell to be exact, the Stan Smith, and the also-old-school Adidas Rod Laver mesh. Then Reebok went and threw a monkey wrench in the works when I found their old-school tennis shoe in canvas twill.

Well, in the end, it was a purely economic decision. The leather “Stans” were half as much as the others. I’m breaking ’em in as we blog!

Oh, and they made shopping at Kroger sound like match point at Flushing Meadows (the rubbery squeaks! Yes!)

OK, so it obviously doesn’t take much to amuse me…