Now that this loooooooooonnnnnnnggggg election cycle is finally coming to an end, I’ve got a couple of thoughts and observations. (Note: These are the ponderings of a disappointed, slightly cynical, slightly bitter American. I’ll be OK…just let me process these things a minute.)

  • Funny, how our nation has been in existence over 232 years, and for the most part, the mainstream media is telling us that we have never had a President until this very day!
  • I hope that same media will now be as diligent in telling us how rotten, awful, corrupt, stupid, and whatever negative adjectives you can think of this new administration is as they have been in telling us every single day those things about the current administration. (BTW, I’m not holding my breath!)
  • In fact, I really don’t wish that kind of treatment on anybody. President Bush has not been perfect, but I believe he is a good man, with noble intentions and a fairly reasonable intellect, who has always had the best interests of our nation at heart. President-elect Obama, I believe, is the same kind of man, and I hope no one tries to smear his character like the unprecedented smearing of President Bush’s.
  • I wish all those suddenly-spiritual folks calling for unity behind, support for, and prayers for President-elect Obama will remember they need to be doing the same for President Bush for the next couple of months. (Hmmmm….funny, isn’t it, that they should have been doing that all along, but weren’t.)
  • Funny – not “funny ha-ha”, but funny tragic – comment from an Obama-maniac at the YMCA this morning: “I think it’s wonderful that we elected that nice little ni**er boy to be our President! He’s the best!”
  • Where do I send my change of address forms for my gas bill, mortgage, etc.? After all if we elect Senator Obama, we’ll never have to worry about paying those things again, right?
  • Some change! I paid two cents more for gas this morning, and the stock market is down. Silly me…I thought everything was going to be immediately better?
  • Oh, somebody somewhere in the world is blaming the United States for every problem in the whole wide world. I thought they were supposed to like us now?
  • I’m not really crazy about President-elect Obama, but I sure nothing untoward happens to him. Vice-President-elect Biden scares me a lot!

OK, I think that just about does it…feeling much better now! The sun came up in the east this morning. I had a great workout already, and I’ve got great things to do for the Kingdom of God. Oh, and I’ve prayed for President-elect Obama already.

I’ve got one more post-election post, but it’ll be some time later today!