…then I’m done. Life is way too short to keep focusing on the negative! Here goes…

  • I think it’s very, very sad – and shows a real lack of character – when politicians who create the division and rancor in the country, try to appeal to unity after they win elections.
  • I think it’s very interesting – and very telling – that the silly political pundits who as recently as this week, told us over and over and over that the economic crisis is all because of George Bush, now suddenly start tamping down the hype and the expectations by saying the President really has very limited effect on the state of the economy. It really must be the world’s “suckiest” job to have to lie with a straight face every day of your life!
  • I think it’s disingenuous and downright dishonest for people who actively sought to paint John McCain as the worst possible candidate for President now try to paint him as an honorable man, blah, blah, blah! They’re lying one of those times…which time?
  • I think it’s laughable that a candidate whose whole spiel was “change” can only find Clinton administration retreads for his administration.
  • I think if the country is really in such economic crisis times, we don’t have the money for lavish Inaugural parties, balls, and other assorted shindigs. Let’s get to work fulfilling all the campaign promises. No time for partying! Shut the heck up and get on with it!
  • I think the sad saga of Alaska Senator Ted Stevens may just illustrate part of the real problem with politics in our country. He’s way past retirement age, and he’s now a convicted felon. Yet, he’s determined to go back to Washington. Whoever said that power corrupts was probably right on the money. I’m not sure the Founders intended for politicians to become a permanent power elite in Washington, DC.
  • I think Oprah has cried and bloviated quite enough, thank you. And not just about this election.
  • I think we don’t need any outsiders to tell us how to vote for our Senator in Georgia over the next month. Stay home and keep your money!
  • I think part of the genius of America is that we can disagree with a person’s ideas and still like them, if we are honest and respectful.
  • I think we have a duty when “our guy” loses to be the “loyal opposition.” “Loyal,” because the “other guy” is now all of “our guy.” And “opposition,” because winning an election still does not make the winner always right. And we have the responsibility to hold our public servants accountable to the people they serve.

All right! That’s it! Thanks for playing! And unless something else stupid comes up about this historic election, that’s all I’ve got to say about that!