This just in from the Associated Press, via Fox 5 Atlanta

Parents disgruntled over Governor Perdue’s request that Georgia schools close today and tomorrow to save fuel plan their own “teach-in” today at the state Capitol. The group contends children need to learn every day. They are planning a parent-led educational session on the lawn of the Capitol. Participants are asked to bring pencils, paper and books to read. The group says it wants to “bring education to the Governor.” Students learned of Perdue’s request about 4 pm Friday, when many already had left school for the day. Parents of younger children were frustrated because they had to scramble to find babysitters and day care for their children.

OK, let me get this straight…

You couldn’t take off from work to care for your kids at home. And you couldn’t make arrangements for their care in other ways. But you’ve got time – and time off enough – to parade them in the rain to the state Capitol to make a point? And to get your mug on TV?