Just sitting around, reading, thinking, unwinding, following up on guests from today’s service, etc. and a couple of issues have made their way from my mind into my Moleskine. What do you think?

  • How important is “focus” in your personal life? In your professional life? What are some good tools and strategies you’ve used to help you get and stay focused?
  • What are the most transformational/motivational songs you know of right now? What music motivates you to be your best? (You can include, but please don’t limit it to “Christian” music. In fact, I’m thinking more along the lines of Ryan Shupe’s “Dream Big,” Tim McGraw’s “Live Like You Were Dying,” etc.) What would be on your “at-bat” playlist?
  • You’re hiring or enlisting or recruiting (thanks, Jim!) new staffpersonnel to do __________. Is it more about passion or skill? Which is more important?
  • Is it more helpful to include individual links in a blogroll or just include a link to your ever-changing, ever-updating Bloglines feed list?