Well, I had my first guitar lesson today. My teacher? Me. Along with Mel Bay and his world-famous Modern Guitar Method.

I feel a lot like Gitarzan, of whom it was famously said…

He ordered Chet’s Guitar course C.O.D.
Makes “A” and “E” and he’s working on “B”
Digs “C” and “W” and “R” and “B”
And me and the chimpanzee agree that one day soon he will be a celebrity.

Anyway, it was fun, if a little frustrating, due to my impatience. But it really is going to force me to value the process, which, if nothing else, may be helpful if I can translate it into some other areas of my life. Go figure…

BTW, I mentioned that my guitar is an old “beater.” I found pictures of one just like mine on the Web today. Check it out here.

I also met the nice folks over at Donley’s Music, a local shop just a couple of miles from my house. They didn’t laugh at me or my guitar, (in fact, the guy at the store gave me several plausible-sounding reasons why it’s a great guitar for learning!) and they fixed a couple of things and re-strung the guitar at a very, very reasonable price in less than an hour. I may end up signing up with them for some real live lessons in a little while.

But until then, I’m off to practice…”1st-String Etude,” “Etude No.2,” “The Mixmaster,” “The Merry Men,” “Frolic,” and “E-B” have never sounded so good!

I’m a-pickin’…and you’re a-grinnin’!