What a day already! Got to church this morning, going about the usual Sunday morning get-ready routine, when, all of a sudden, our nursery coordinator shouted, “Oh, no!”

I headed down the hall to discover about 2-3 inches of water in a 70-foot-long corridor! Nice! I got a stick and held it aloft at the end of the hallway, but it didn’t work for me like it did for Moses! Dang!

So I had to slosh through the flood (funny, it didn’t work like it did for the priests at the Jordan River, either, come to think of it!) to find the source of the stream: a constantly running toilet in one of the preschool rooms!

Well, at any rate, the flood was a good excuse to get rid of a bunch of junk that had been accumulating for years, and it gave us a good excuse to renew our friendship with our local Servpro folks.

Anyway, all that to set the stage for tonight’s Unwind…

I’ve not been real partial to Hillsongs for some reason, but last night I watched NewSpring’s service from last weekend, and was really moved by the worship (led by Lee McD!). They used Mighty to Save from the Hillsongs project of the same name, and it rocked my world for some reason! So I did the old iTunes thing and got it and the Chris Tomlin project which includes “Everlasting God,” “Awesome is the Lord Most High,” and a very laid-back but powerful rendition of “Amazing Grace.” Good stuff!