We have a good friend to whom we affectionately and only half-jokingly refer as Mr. Know-It-All. Why? Well, because he knows everything, it seems! (Why else?)

Anyway, Mr. Know-It-All has been a real friend, an encourager, and a butt-kicker when necessary for 15 years or more. I really don’t remember exactly how we became friends, but I do know that his advice and encouragement and prayers have been the only things that have kept me going at times.

Last week, Mr. Know-It-All had a biopsy, and 2 of the 6 scan points (or whatever – I’m not real sure about such things!) came back showing cancer. He’ll go next Tuesday to have some other tests to determine whether the cancer is localized or spreading, and to determine what course of treatment will be best.

If you get a minute, would you lift up a prayer or two for my friend, Mr. Know-It-All, Warren? And you might lift up a couple for Mrs. Know-It-All and their three grown kids, too.