Recently I posted that my trusty HP DeskJet 990Cse printer was on its last leg, and that I need to replace it. I’ve been doing some research. HP has this nifty little feature on their website that purports to help you choose a replacement for your current HP product. I chose the 990 series and here’s what they suggested.

Deskjet 6540 Color Inkjet
This is the printer we just got for the lovely and gracious “Mrs. Just Charlie” to take to her classroom. It’s still in the box at home awaiting the arrival of her notebook from the school district. It’s nice and all, but I’d have to buy the optional duplexer unit to get two-sided printing.

Business Inkjet 1200dtn
This one “jumps up” in class for an inkjet printer. It’s a little more pricey, because it already includes the automatic duplexing feature. Also, it features a different ink-delivery system – four separate cartridges and four separate printheads. Supposedly, this makes it more economical in the long run, because you don’t have to replace everything every time.

Then, I looked at the HP Entry-level Color Laser printers. I’m totally lost when it comes to knowing about these. I like the output of laser, but I’m not sure about the color quality at this level and none of the units in this category have the automatic duplexing feature.

I’m not totally tied to the HP printers, but I’ve had great, great success with all the HPs I’ve had, going way back to the LaserJet 4L, through the DeskJet 895Cse, and the DeskJet 990Cse. If there’s something much better out there, I’d be open to switching.

What say ye? Any suggestions? Bueller? Anyone?