OK, so I went ahead and bit the bullet this afternoon and sprang for the HP Business Inkjet 1200d. It has the individual ink cartridges and print heads, but not the extra higher-capacity paper tray or the built-in network stuff. I happened to get a 15% discount certificate in the mail this afternoon, which brought the price down to the rebated price on HP’s website.

It’s humming away as we speak.

So far, what I like about it…

  • Print quality is really good! It has four settings as opposed to three on the old 990Cse. And “normal” on this one is as good as or maybe better than “best” on the old one. The “fast normal” will be good enough for anything I can foresee doing.
  • Speed is way better than the old one!
  • Setup was a snap – literally!

What I see that I’m not real crazy about right now, but will probably get used to…

  • Size. It’s pretty huge sitting on my desk. I had to do some shuffling around.
  • It’s kind of loud, compared to the gentle whirring of the old one.
  • I don’t think I’m going to be all that crazy about the white color on the top and on the paper tray. Looks like dirty fingerprint haven waiting to happen!

All in all, I think it’s going to be good. Thanks for all the help!