One of my favorite bloggers is Tony Morgan, one of the Simply Strategic Guys (along with Tim Stevens). I benefit from Tony’s blog, because I benefit from Tony and Tim’s books.

The latest in the Simply Strategic series is Simply Strategic Growth: Attracting a Crowd to Your Church. As part of a new project I’m involved in, I had to read the book and create a one-page list of the “Top Ten Things I Learned.” The book is chock-full of great stuff…it’s hard to narrow it down to ten.

So, here are the Top Ten (+ 1) things that jumped out at me from this reading…

  • �The secret to growing your church is to help the people who are already there discover and begin using their gifts.� (From #69, p. 158)
  • The Tunnel of Conflict: You must confront, address, and resolve the issues of conflict in order to move past them to real intimacy and effectiveness. (From #73, pp. 166-167)
  • The goal is to help people experience biblical community and authentic relationships � not necessarily to get everyone in a small group. Small groups are one tool for accomplishing this goal. (From #77, p. 175)
  • Focus on the vision God has given you � not on trying to �win back� those who have left, for whatever reason. (From #78, pp. 176-177)
  • �Give up to go up.� Your preferences are not the most important factors in fulfilling God�s mission for you church. Leave the non-essentials to focus on what is most valuable and productive. (From #83, pp. 186-187)
  • Be strategic in making announcements. (From #11, pp. 34-35)
  • Start acting bigger than you are. Ask �What would we do as a church twice our size that we aren�t doing now?� Then begin doing those things. (From #23, p. 62)
  • Prepare for Christmas in September. Decide early on what�s going to happen in the weekend services, so your team(s) can work together to accomplish it with excellence. (From #40, pp. 97-99)
  • �It�s all about the numbers.� By counting, we determine whether we are gaining or losing ground in accomplishing our mission. (From #46, p. 111)
  • Paint a picture for growth. Define what you want to do with a well-defined and clearly stated vision. (From #47, pp. 112-113)
  • Don�t hoard good ideas. There is something your church is doing really well. Capitalize on it and figure out a way to help other churches become better at the same thing. (From #99, pp. 221-222)

Thanks, Tony and Tim!