I pride myself on being somewhat of an astute observer. It is amazing how much you can learn sometimes, just by watching. Sometimes when you watch, though, you just have to scratch your head and go, “Huh?!?!” Here’s a little list of some of those head-scratching, head-shaking, huh?!?!-inducing things I’m wondering about tonight.

Sometimes, you just have to wonder…

  • Whether people who claim to be “all about those far from God” really are. Or not.
  • How Jesus might respond to the modern equivalent of the disciples’ attitude in Luke 9:49-50.
  • How quickly the “cool kids” turn out to be just the same as the “uncool kids” they’re trying hard not to be like.
  • How quickly people who owe so much to their spiritual “ancestors” try to whitewash history, as though it never happened.
  • Why it’s not nearly as easy to learn from the mistakes and sins of others as it ought to be.
  • Why we focus so much on the kid who blew it and went off into the far country, but came to his senses and returned home, while we are the real prodigals, allegedly in close proximity to Dad, but farther away than our kid brother ever was.
  • How in the world people at local youth organizations with gyms and pools can behave as though they are pretentious members at some privileged exclusive club.
  • What it takes to walk your own walk.
  • What was _____________ thinking? (Fill in your own blank here. You must have scratched your head and asked, “Huh?!?!?” at some point today.)
  • Why God doesn’t just zap most of us and get it over with.

I’m sure there are others, but that’s enough for now.