Good day today…

Started a new small group – Sunday School, for you SBCers out there – this morning. Yeah, yeah…I know…but you can’t begin to imagine what a step forward a new group is for some in our church.

Then, our attendance was up as well…some guests returned, and even made their way to the front seats (insert Baptist asthma here!) and even took notes, and, and…responded on their cards about some issues they’re facing!

Spent the afternoon with the family again…lunch, some errands, and then off to REI, to invest part of “pastor’s wife appreciation” on a new pair of hiking boots for the lovely and gracious “Mrs. Just Charlie.” Got a good deal, had great customer service, and enjoyed a wonderful time.

Then, across the street for the first – of many! – Eggnog Latte of the season!

Now home, chillin’ with Windham Hill

I’m especially partial to Paul McCandless’s oboe on We Gather Together, the Silvermans’ flute on Simple Gifts, Lisa Lynne’s harp on Alleluia, and John Sebastian’s harmonica (yep, that John Sebastian!) on Wagoner’s Lad.

Great reflective music, just perfect for a grateful Sunday night unwind…