For a while this spring and summer, the parts of the blogosphere I most frequent were buzzing about the “unwritten rules of management” as put forth by William H. Swanson, chairman and CEO of Raytheon.

And last month, Raytheon began making those rules available to anyone who wanted a copy. Apparently the demand has been high. But you can still get your copy by clicking here.

When I got to the church building this morning, my copy was in the mail. It’s a very attractive grey pocket-sized spiral-bound booklet. Very convenient. Very easy to read. Chock full of good stuff!

My copy is laying on my desk right in front of me, open to Rule #33…

Never be afraid to try something new. Remember, an amateur built an ark that survived a flood while a large group of professionals built the Titanic!

This one caught my eye since I used the imagery of the Titanic in my little talk this morning. (I was talking about integrity and not living a “compartmentalized” life.)

Anyway, good stuff. Go sign up for your copy.