Heard on Paul Harvey’s show at noon today about one Daniel Garcia in Stamford, Connecticut, who was going to trial on a drug charge. So Daniel decided to hide his $1500 stash of marijuana under a rock, until after court, when he planned to retrieve it.

Smart guy, huh?

Naaaah….just so happens that the rock/hiding place was outside a window. The window of the narcotics squad office. All the narcs had to do was wait patiently for Daniel to come back. And then they nabbed him.

Oh, the quote in the title? According to Paul Harvey, that’s what Daniel’s own dad had to say in response to his son’s episode.

“Dope,” indeed…

Oh, here’s the “rest of the story…” seems young Daniel thinks his arrest and subsequent ridicule has…are you ready for this?…”ruined his life.” Please note that he may be eligible to beat the drug rap if he qualifies for some rehab program. What do you want to bet there’s some shyster lawyer waiting to take Daniel’s case and he’ll probably make big bucks from the city of Stamford for all the ridicule and life ruination?

Ya gotta love it…