Louie Giglio always challenges me whenever I hear him speak or read what he’s written. I heard him at the Catalyst conference. He talked about worship. He boiled worship down to God’s revelation of Himself and our response to that revelation. In typical Louie fashion, he did it like this…

God: “Watch this!”
Us: “Oh, WOW!”

More Louie…

We might be infatuated with the process of worship and not be in His hand at all.

And even more…

There are people who can stop you from leading. No one can stop you from putting your life into God’s hands.

And that led me today, to open Louie’s I Am Not But I Know I AM

…this book is not about you and making your story better, but about waking up to the infinitely bigger God Story happening all around you, and God’s invitation to you to join Him in it. It’s about looking up to see that there’s a story that has been going on long before you arrived on the planet and one that will go on long after you’re gone. God is the central character of this story and this book. He commands center stage in existence, Creation, time, life, history, redemption, and eternity.

I’m not trying to put you down or imply that you don’t matter. Nor am I saying that you are absent from the grand Story of God. In fact, just the opposite. Amazingly, you appear on every page, existing in God’s thoughts long before this world was made. I’m simply stating the obvious – that the story already has a Star, and the Star is not you or me.