I’m enjoying a new twist on two old friends tonight…Community Coffee’s New Orleans Blend, made in my¬† little Bodum French Press! We learned to love chicory coffee way back before coffee was hot. Well, the coffee itself was pretty hot, but it wasn’t cool…pre-nationwide Starbucks days.

Our apartment in New Orleans was in close proximity to the industrial canal, and the Luzianne plant was right there. Most mornings when it was hot and muggy, the aroma of that coffee and chicory being made hung thick in the air as I made my way to class!

Of course, we made the almost-every-weekend pilgrimage to Cafe du Monde in the French Quarter. The cafe au lait and the powdered sugar from the beignets were highlights!

Later, when we knew what it means to miss New Orleans, we discovered we could mail-order the good stuff from Community. Now, it’s our morning go-juice of choice.

My nighttime working brew is usually some kind of Starbucks, but tonight I’m out, and just don’t feel like making the trip to my local mega-mart for more, so I grabbed the Community bag. Good stuff!

NOTE: WOW! I just noticed – and you will, too – the Google maps link to our old address in New Orleans shows the Seminary campus post-Katrina. And our apartment building – along with all the other “States” buildings are no more!