I’m generally a pretty upbeat guy, who tries to see the brighter side of things, even when there’s not really a brighter side. OK, call me Pollyanna. But today, for some reason, I’ve noticed a few things that have left me a little less than impressed. You — all both of you loyal readers — don’t mind if I unload a list of underwhelming things today, do you? Here we go…

Today, I’m particularly underwhelmed by…

  • Twitter and Facebook when they don’t automatically update like they’re supposed to do. (In the interest of full disclosure, that feature is working again now.)
  • Small group leaders who don’t show up without notice.
  • Small group leaders who show up but aren’t prepared.
  • The service this afternoon at lunch.
  • Annoying car problems that will probably turn into major deals.
  • My own leadership as of late.
  • Modern Christmas music.
  • People who can’t — or won’t — make up their minds.
  • Church folks who just don’t “get it.”
  • My own ability to define “it” so that they do “get it.”
  • Politicians.
  • Workout plans that don’t seem to work.
  • Blamers.
  • Haters.
  • Bribers.
  • Obnoxious know-it-alls.

There you go. Thanks for letting me vent. What’s underwhelming you today?