I’ve been thinking lately about what we do after the change for which we long finally comes. What happens then? Do we change the things that need changing and then just leave the ruins? What do we put in its place?

Well, a couple of folks that I read every day are thinking along the same lines, and are very challenging and helpful to me right now.

Randy Bohlender, the “Right Reverend Burning Man” himself (thanks, Chad!) has some interesting and timely thoughts about the current fad of cynical detachment, and what to do instead. His thoughts are like a clarion call to all of us – younger than 30, and old geezers like me – to step up and “say something.” And to say it like we mean it, like it’s worth saying.

Chad Canipe, in between preparing for ordination and tracking down obscure British streaming radio broadcasts, blogs about moving forward, past the discuss-and-process stage into a Nehemiah-like action phase.

And Todd Hunter is right in the middle of proposing some positive alternatives to to mere deconstruction.

Good stuff, all!

And me? I’m flying in my taxi…no, wait!

Me? I’m just trying to take it all in, so I can put it back out there in a helpful way.