What One Guy Learned About Being Christian on a Sidewalk in Front of the Supreme Court

“I learned two huge lessons at some point that night. The first was that as Christians, we have to be educated in our faith. We�ve heard it before: Always be ready to give an answer. Christianity is only effective if you can communicate it at the most basic level of society�down on the sidewalk level. We should be so consumed with Jesus Christ that we can engage others in a discussion of our faith at any given moment. When we are down �in the streets,� we need to be able to articulate our beliefs in a persuasive way�not throwing around moral judgments or using Bible verses as bullets�but to represent Christ and the power of his love.

Being able to give an answer for our faith involves more than knowing the Romans Road. It necessitates a Christian worldview so that we can articulate our faith when discussing cultural, political and moral issues. What do you think about the Middle East conflict? About euthanasia? About the Academy Awards? About sodomy laws? If we want a relevant voice in our culture, we have to be able to intelligently discuss these issues from a Christian perspective.

Even more important than this, if we want to change the culture and impact other people, we have to be prepared for personal relationships. We can try to represent Christ in the protest line, from the pulpit or in litigation, but the Gospel is best spread through personal relationships and one-on-one contact. Christ shared His unique message of God�s love and forgiveness in His daily contact with other people: He ate with tax collectors and sinners; He blessed the adulteress and the child.”