A Great Opening to a Good Article About One of My Favorite Places!

“Two things strike you when you walk into the DeKalb Farmers Market. Not just strike you, but reach out and grab you: the smell and the cold.

Jayshri Joshi doesn’t notice the smell anymore — that fecund overload of fish guts and wet mops, of mangoes with their memory of the tropics, of chickens roasting and samosas frying. Of cheese, of meat, of half-sour pickles and of people. People riding forklifts and people pushing buggies with drowsy children inside. People sitting in dark, lonely corners stocking boxes of pasta, and people raking their fingers through the cool promise of Georgia green peanuts, looking for the tiniest and sweetest to surface in the pile.”

The Dekalb Farmers Market is truly something to experience…especially if you fancy yourself a “semi-chef” like I do!