No, not that kind! More of an internal thing in our church’s culture.

Back at the first of December 04, I had a long, productive Friday alone in the office. I read, I prayed, and most of all, I listened to God. I sensed Him telling me that we need to change the culture – the things we value – in our church. I listed five values we need to have in place:

I believe God is calling us to develop, maintain, and share…
~A Culture of Excellence
~A Culture of Engagement (with Him, with each other, and with our world)
~A Culture of Enthusiasm
~A Culture of Encouragement
~A Culture of Expectancy

I shared this from my heart with our few folks last night. It was probably one of the most passionate and powerful messages I’ve taught in a long time. It seemed as though I had re-discovered my “voice,” even as my physical voice was on empty. I woke up this morning with a new sense of purpose. And immediately, I got to walk the walk, after talking the talk. I have had an opportunity to “live out” some aspect of every single one of those values I talked about last night.

A pretty neat day, after a lot of long, dry rides through Ulcer Gulch…