Sunday Night Unwind, 11.09.08…

Back in the saddle at The ‘Crest today. OK day, something like this…

  • Had a little musical “meltdown” this morning. The worship “leader” botched it pretty bad! 🙂
  • Recovered, though!
  • Pretty excited in my message about “rejoice!”
  • Great afternoon at our favorite little Eye-talian place.
  • During lunch, I got to be Gary’s living, breathing concordance! (No, being his research flunkie/Scripture-finder is not the big possible team addition he’s talking about!)
  • Hey! The Falcons won again!
  • I’m committed to finishing the “currently in progress” books in my bag and on my desk before starting any new ones. And I’m going to try to be a little more disciplined in my reading for a while.
  • “God of This City” is still rocking my world! I like Bluetree’s lyrics better than the Chris Tomlin version. Also Bluetree’s version is “darker” and more “haunting” to me musically. Plus the back story is challenging.
  • The “service engine soon” light is on in the lovely and gracious “Mrs. Just Charlie’s” car. I hope it’s nothing $eriou$!
  • Good Cal Thomas column, post-election and moving forward.
  • Have you been over to and helped my buddy Shaun King make a big difference in one school in Atlanta?
  • Why not?
  • I’m really torn between loving our people and making some wholesale changes for the future. I know that’s not a good place to be, but it’s the “old school” in me, I guess!
  • How do you go about stoking a passion to see your community change?
  • Listening to the first Passion CD, from 1998!
  • Part-time gig at the Y is helping create some “margin” financially, but stress meter is getting pegged more often than not.
  • Some of our Y folks need to read some Patrick Lencioni.
  • Thought I was going to get a new old notebook computer. Turns out it’s going to be $400 to get it up and running correctly. Think I’ll pass.
  • Still seriously thinking about a BlackBerry, though. Probably the Curve. We’ll see…
  • Anyone using the ESV Study Bible yet? What do you think?
  • Laminin.
  • One Year Bible? Today’s readings – Ezekiel 20 and Hebrews 9 – rocked pretty good! Rules, commandments, rituals: just shadows of the real deal, and cannot give life. Jesus, on the other hand IS the real deal, and He gives grace, forgiveness and life!

And with that, I’m out! See y’all dark and early at the Y! Peace!