Most of you loyal readers of this little attempt at a blog – both of you! – are also fans(?) of my buddy Gary Lamb, the lead pastor of Revolution Church in Canton and soon-to-be Jasper, Georgia. It seems I have more and more opportunities to invite folks to Revolution! (Can you “invite” someone somewhere you don’t go yourself? Hmmmm….good question!)

Anyway, I met a guy at the YMCA today who has just moved here from Arizona. In the course of our conversation, we started talking about churches and how he and his family haven’t found a church yet, etc., etc.

I asked what he was looking for in a church. His answer: Something upbeat with a great kids experience for his son. He asked about my church, and I honestly pointed him toward Revolution.

“What’s the pastor like?” my new friend asked.

I just laughed. “Just go Sunday and hear him preach,” I responded. And I laughed again.