Thursday Night Thoughts…

Just some stuff rolling around in and out of my head tonight, in no particular order…

  • Helping people start on a healthy fitness habit is a lot like being a pastor. If you’re not careful, you can talk about the stuff and neglect doing what you’re talking about. Put it another way: YMCA wellness coaches may be in danger of having their own advances in weight loss, fitness, etc. take a hit while they try to help others start their own good habits. Diligence is the key in anything, I guess.
  • It’s official: Summer is just about one week too long. The lovely and gracious “Mrs. Just Charlie” is back at her school this week, and she’s already a lot happier. And I’m not on her nerves quite as much.
  • I never want to strike out preaching like I did last Sunday. Never again.
  • People who need excuses the least are the ones who seem to find the most. (See the thought at the top of this list).
  • People are not really very realistic. If you’re 32, about 5’7” and you weigh 270+, chances are you’re probably not going to lose 100 pounds by Christmas. You might, but it’s not likely. Especially if you sign up at the Y on Tuesday, and you’ve already got an excuse or three by Thursday. (See the thought immediately preceding this one).
  • 60+ year old former computer engineers with bad knees and a great sense of humor are probably more likely to achieve their fitness goals than 30-somethings who have too many excuses.
  • Funerals are sad. Sometimes even more so.
  • Being out of the loop stinks. Especially when you try really hard to act like you’re in it.
  • British accents are very cool.
  • 2.5 miles before the sun comes up is, too.
  • Jack Johnson is all right.
  • Unexpected good news is very good. But its goodness is somewhat diminished when it’s immediately followed by disappointing news.
  • “The Boy” rocks!
  • I’m learning to depend more on God and my Day-Timer.
  • Bivocational? Nothing to it! Quadri-vocational? Now that’s a trick!